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Code of Conduct

You can read Code of Conduct here

  • 2019

    Professionalism Integrity Value Financial Security Service / Advice Hassle free holidays for clients.

  • General Conduct

    Professionalism Integrity Value Financial Security Service / Advice Hassle free holidays for clients.

  • AIMS

    To ensure that the consumer receives the best possible service from S.W.G. members To maintain both, the new and existing relationships with our partners We will keep all information pertaining to our agreements confidential S.W.G and its members will dedicate time and efforts to ensure we support our preferred agents We want to encourage as many ITC members to join our new venture.

  • Conduct Between S.W.G Members and the Consumer

    Members shall at all times fairly and accurately represent the Partners and / or Suppliers/ products and / or services to consumers. The Member shall check for accuracy of all documentation received from Partners and / or Suppliers before handing such documents over to consumers, inter alia vouchers and air tickets.

  • Conduct between S.W.G Members and Partners and / or Suppliers

    Members shall maintain a high standard of service to Consumers. Members shall be honest and accurate when providing information in any form about their services and prices. Members shall make every effort to ensure that the travel arrangements sold to consumers are compatible with the consumer's requirements. Members will respect the confidentiality of each consumer's transaction and will not disclose any information without permission of the consumer, unless required by law.

  • Maintain a high level of service throughout the term of this agreement.

    Although S.W.G is a very new consortium in the market place, kindly note that we will work with integrity and honesty at all times. We have great potential among us and can assure you that our clients will add value to your business. Our travel experience and focus is to take the S.W.G brand to a different level as compared to the existing consortiums. Our young, dynamic team will allow us to reach our goals within the next 6 months.

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