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Serendipity Worldwide Group (SWG) was established with intentions of partnering and assisting small to medium Independent Travel Agents with an enhancement strategy.Today we proudly boast an excess of over 300 members with many accolades and recognition as the fastest growing consortium within our Industry, it is indicative that our promise, value proposition & commitment speak's for itself.

Our objective and purpose together with our expertise,dynamic team & latest technology put you our valued member on the front foot. "Changing the Travel Industry" our tag line as made us the enablers we are today. Whilst service delivery is paramount, working with integrity, efficiently and effectively is our key fundamentals.

All preferred affiliations are carefully hand picked and are based on product,pricing & relationships. We understand the tough economic climate and demands hence we continuously in negotiations with our affiliated partners to ensure that we remain leaders in this highly competitive market.

In addition to this we have introduced many tech fueled products such as the Intranet ,Online Visa platform, CRM &ERP customized solutions to ensure that your day to day operations run seamlessly. Our bulk buying strategy enabled us to bring you the most affordable and lucrative deals in the market place.

Many year's have passed & our value proposition is by far the most lucrative and our commitment to you our valued partner remains the same.


Our dedicated ticketing team is ever ready and available with 24hr support,
365 days a year.


Our SWG ticketing team, collectively have over 30 years experience in fares, ticketing and GDS.

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